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We are a specialist software and consulting firm focused on big data analytics, data intelligence,  real-time data processing, and high performance web applications.

When understanding complex data is key to your organisation, we can help.

Supporting organisations with complex data needs

We develop custom software solutions for innovative businesses and research institutions with complex data needs. We are experts in data analytics, data intelligence, and complex, data-intensive software solutions.

Our Work

Visual Process Intelligence

In collaboration with Alpha Process Control, process optimisation experts for the oil and gas industry, we develop and maintain Visual Process Intelligence (VPI), a best-in-class software solution for visual process intelligence.

Thanks to advanced visual analytics, data conditioning and segmentation of operating conditions, and big data intelligence, VPI allows you to identify sub-optimal operating regions and missed opportunities, detect root causes and optimise process control.

VPI is used by organisations worldwide, including Shell and GS Caltex.


Industrial Soft Sensors

Latest: Leeds-based DRS wins £300,000 Innovate UK Smart grant to develop big-data analytics software for the chemical process industry.

Advanced control strategies require high-quality measures of output quality, in order to steer plants’ operating conditions towards optimality. Our soft sensors provide high quality, real time estimates of critical, unmeasurable process variables for optimal control.

VPI Soft Sensors provides a software suite for the design, calibration and real-time integration of software predictors for unmeasurable industrial process data.

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