Introducing AlphaMax: The Frontier in Process Optimization

Announcing our latest project - AlphaMaX. A tool that allows end-to-end process optimization.

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In the intricate realm of refinery, petrochemical, and various process industries, where multifaceted processes are a norm, achieving optimal operational efficiency is the pinnacle of success. AlphaMax emerges as a revolutionary multiunit process optimizer designed to transcend the conventional boundaries of process optimization. It embodies a powerful combination of advanced simulation and state-of-the-art multiperiod optimization algorithms, forging a path toward unparalleled process enhancement and strategic decision-making.

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking project that promises to reshape the process control industry. We’ve joined forces once again with long-term partner Alpha Process Control, a team of renowned process control experts, to build a new tool – AlphaMax. Together, we are on a mission to empower enterprises across the oil and gas industry to reduce waste, improve processes, and usher in a new era of efficiency.

AlphaMax’s prowess lies in its capability to meticulously simulate and optimize entire process plants, knitting multiple unit processes and operations into a coherent and harmonized workflow. Its intrinsic intelligence is geared to navigate through multiple periods, enabling a dynamic optimization approach that adapts to variable operational conditions, market demands, and resource availabilities.

Designed with a vision of adaptive intelligence and precision, AlphaMax aims to be an indispensable ally, facilitating industries to unlock unprecedented efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and elevate the overall productivity of refineries and process plants. Embrace AlphaMax, where innovation meets excellence, and witness the transformation towards a more optimized and resilient operational horizon.

Our partnership with Alpha Process Control, a leading name in the field of process control, marks a significant step forward in our journey to empower industries with cutting-edge software solutions. Together, we share a common vision: to create a solution that revolutionizes the process control landscape. This collaboration combines DRS Software’s technical expertise with Alpha Process Control’s extensive knowledge and experience in the Oil and gas Industry.

Filippo Trivella, CEO of Alpha Process Control, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership by stating, “We are excited to embark upon this new project with DRS Software and trust that it will enable a range of enterprises spanning the entirety of the process control industry to reduce waste and optimize their processes.”

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